There is a wide variety of types and shapes of steel fibers available on the market, ranging typically 30-60mm in length and 0,5-1,0mm in diameter. The tensile strength of the steel fibers are generally 700-1600 MPa.

We supply the following types of steel fibers:

- hooked-end steel fiber, lengths 30-60mm, diameter 0,5...1,0mm (both separate and glued),
- wavy steel fiber, length 30-60mm, diameter 0,8...1,0mm,
- undulated segment steel fiber (Xorex-type), lengths 25-60mm,
- flat-end steel fiber, lengths 30-50mm, diameter 0,7...1,0mm,
- crimped steel fibers, lengths 30-50mm,
- different types of shotcrete steel fibers, length 20-40mm, diameter 0,3...0,6mm,
- stainless steel fibers.

We will source any other types upon request.

Steel fibers are typically supplied in 20 and 25kg carton bags or paper sacks / 800...1200kg on a pallet. 500...1000kg bigbags for convenient dosing are supplied upon request.

We also supply different synthetic and macro fibers.